Microsoft reveals new Start Screen for two-in-ones in Windows 10 with new "Continuum" mode

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Microsoft reveals new start screen for two-in-ones in windows 10 with new "continuum" mode

With Windows 10, it isn't all about the desktop. Microsoft is making refinements to the touch-side of things too, meaning tablet and hybrid users have some cool things to look forward to. Today, Microsoft officially revealed a new Start Screen for two-in-one devices.

This new Start Screen is brought to the user with the help of "Continuum", which will detect what hardware you're running and adjust the UI accordingly. Microsoft will talk more about this feature soon, but for now those are the baseline details.

We're not sure if this new feature will be available in the upcoming Windows Technical Preview, but it will definitely be there when Windows 10 launches in 2015. Leave us your comments below and let us know what you think.

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