Microsoft Research fires up their own podcast -
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Microsoft Research fires up their own podcast

Microsoft is launching a third new podcast this year, which will be dedicated to the 1,200 researchers currently working at Microsoft Research. This follows the introduction of the Windows Insider podcast and the .future podcast earlier this year, but this new series should be a must-listen for everyone interested in artificial intelligence, quantum computing and more.

New episodes of the podcast will be published weekly and hosted by Gretchen Huizinga, an educator, researcher and writer currently finishing a PhD on the impact of technology on culture. “While the Microsoft Research Podcast is, first and foremost, about the research, it’s also an introduction to the researchers behind the projects,” explained Huizinga. “We find out who they are, what makes them tick, what inspires them, what gets them up in the morning, and what keeps them up at night.”

The first episode titled "Notes from the Productivity Revolution" featured Dr. Teevan, Microsoft Researcher and University of Washington Affiliate Professor. The second, which was published yesterday, is an interview of Dr. Eric Horvitz, Technical Fellow and Managing Director of Microsoft Research. You can subscribe to the podcast via RSS, email, Android or iTunes

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