Microsoft releases Yammer Now for iOS -- quick, light communication for businesses

Microsoft releases Yammer Now for iOS -- quick, light communication for businesses

It's not all that long ago that Yammer was updated for iOS, Windows Phone and Android, with the app allowing for easy communication between platforms. Now iOS users have another option available to them. Yammer Now is a very similar app to Yammer, but has been designed with speed in mind.

The two apps can be used together or independently of each other, and the trimming away of the fat makes it clear that this is an app designed for business user rather than fun. As the Yammer team says, "Yammer Now is fast, lightweight and recommended if you want to reach your colleagues quickly. To access other functionalities such as Inbox and Home Feed, we recommend using the Yammer app."

All in all, Yammer Now looks and feel very much as you would expect an instant messaging tool to. It is not laden down with features -- the focus here is on speed -- but all of the essentials are present:

  • Online Presence: See who's online and get an instant response
  • Group Messaging: Add participants to a conversation at any time
  • Share Images: Snap a picture and easily share it with colleagues
  • Likes: Like your colleagues' messages as you chat
  • Push Notifications: Get real-time alerts for new messages

There's no word on whether there will be an Android and Windows Phone version of the app, but it would be surprising if these did not make an appearance at some point.

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