Microsoft releases infographic on Windows XP end of support, explains why you should upgrade

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Microsoft releases infographic on windows xp end of support, explains why you should upgrade

As most if not all of you know, Windows XP is set to reach its end of support on April 8th. That's just a few short weeks away. Microsoft's Services team has put together a cool new infographic showcasing details on why you should ditch Windows XP for a more modern operating system.

In the infographic, you are given reasons as to why Windows XP's end of support is crucial, meaning there will be more more patches, no more updates, and no more service packs. In fact, Microsoft highlights the operating system infection rate and showcases how Windows XP has a high infection rate, compared to Windows 8, which has the lowest.

"Organizations that continue to retain a Windows XP environment not only are leaving themselves exposed to security risks and support challenges, but also are wasting budget dollars that would be better used in modernizing their IT investiments," the infographic states.

This infographic is perfect to print out and hand over to your IT department or boss, if your organization still utilizes Windows XP. Hit the download link below to snag the infographic.

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