Microsoft rebranding continues with Azure next on the list

Microsoft rebranding continues with Azure next on the list

The rebranding at Microsoft will apparently continue under Satya Nadella. We previously saw the Redmond corporation transform itself into a “software and services” company, then just recently change the name of its SkyDrive cloud storage solution to OneDrive. The latter, however was due to legal pressure from the UK’s Sky TV.

If the latest report is to be believed, and I would say the source is certainly solid enough, then the next target of this transformation will be Windows Azure. The company apparently plans to change the name to Microsoft Azure, in an effort to lend more of a cross-platform feel to the service.

“The announcement is expected to happen tomorrow, March 25, and to take effect on April 3, the second day of Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco, said a couple of individuals who asked not to be identified, but who are familiar with Microsoft’s plans”, according to a report from Mary Jo Foley.

The move makes sense, as the cloud-based solution has moved on from its earliest roots as a remote version of Windows Server. Azure has become more cross-platform compatible, so this is likely a good move for the company, and this time it has not been forced to do the renaming.

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