Microsoft really wants you to buy the Surface 3, offers $100 discount

Arif Bacchus

Updated on:

Surface 3 box

The Surface 3 just keeps getting cheaper. Last week Microsoft was offering $100 off the 128 GB versions of the Surface 3, but this week Microsoft has cut the price of all Surface 3 models by $100 (first spotted by our friends at Neowin).  Unlike the other deals, however, this deal will last until February 20th.

The price cut brings the price of a 64GB & 2GB RAM Wi-Fi only Surface 3 down from $499 to $399. For the 128 GB WiFi only model with 4GB of RAM, the cut brings the price down from $599 to $499.  The 4G LTE models are also included in the cut, bringing the 64 GB model down from $599 to $499 and the 128 GB model down from $699 to $599.

In addition to this price cut, Microsoft is also offering a extra $30 off when you combine your Surface 3 purchase with a Docking Station. Such a price cut and bundling is perhaps an indication that Microsoft is moving to clear out their stock of the device.

You can click here to pick up a Surface 3 at the discounted price.