Microsoft provides some updates on the progress of Microsoft Authenticator app for Windows phones

The Microsoft Authenticator app launched recently and it received tons of attention. Apparently, a unified Microsoft Authenticator app is something that a ton of users have found a use for and has sparked plenty of traffic for the app as well as questions as to how future feature development is progressing. In a post on the Microsoft Azure blog thanking the community for making the Microsoft Authenticator a success, Alex Simons (from the Microsoft Authenticator team) took a minute to answer some of the frequently asked questions from the community.

You can read the post in full here, but I’ll paraphrase for you here.

  • Push notifications are working for Azure AD and Microsoft accounts on Android
  • Push notifications for Microsoft accounts are bugged on iOS currently, so that’s staying in beta while they hammer out the kinks
  • Microsoft account push notifications should be ready on iOS by the end of August
  • Many users requested to be able to use biometric authentication even if they don’t have PIN verification, so the team┬áhas begun working on it.
  • Microsoft Authenticator for Windows phone is being wrapped up right now, and should be available later this week.

The blog post concluded with one last thank you, and a link to an official FAQ which will be periodically updated. Be sure to keep sending feedback!

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