Is Microsoft planning on extending Surface RT tablet retail store availability?

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Dec 8th, 2012 inNews

According to a new report, Microsoft is reportedly planning on releasing the Surface RT tablet to more retail channels, beyond what is currently available. On top of that, Microsoft is apparently pushing to get this going “within days.” Could we start seeing the Surface tablet in more retail stores in time for the holidays?

“I can’t say too much about this, but within days, Microsoft’s Surface with Windows RT tablets will be available far more broadly than via its current, limited distribution system (i.e., only via Microsoft’s retail and online stores),” the report states. Microsoft was apparently planning on making this happen in early 2013 but the company has decided to speed things up and make the Surface RT tablet available to more retail stores, in time for the holiday season. The report also indicates that the Surface RT has been selling “very well” thusfar, and if this report is true, Microsoft can expect a boost in sales by allowing more retail stores to carry the tablet.

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