Microsoft pays a visit to NBC Late Night to showcase the Xbox One

Late Night Xbox One

Last night, Microsoft's Phil Spencer, whos the Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, paid a visit to NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to showcase the new Xbox One, talk about its new features, and even demonstrate two games.

As you will see from the video embedded below, Microsoft's Phil Spencer spoke about the new Xbox One being three times faster than the Xbox 360 console. Spencer also went one on one with Fallon in a game called "Killer Instinct" and even showcased the game "Forza Motorsport 5." During the demonstration, there is no mention about the "always online" requirement or any DRM concerns.

Microsoft has been on the defensive for its new Xbox One entertainment console, ever since Sony revealed its PS4 gaming console. In a recent interview, Microsoft's Xbox boss Don Mattrick defended the Xbox One's $499 price point claiming that the software giant was "over-delivering" value compared to other choices.

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Microsoft defends Xbox One $499 price point, claims to be 'over-delivering value'

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