Here’s what Microsoft’s new Paint app for Windows 10 looks like

Abhishek Baxi

Paint, Universal Windows 10 app

Looks like Microsoft has been building a refreshed version of the classic Paint app for Windows 10. Earlier this year, there were rumors of Microsoft building a universal Paint app to replace the dated, yet functional, Paint app that’s been bundled with Windows since forever, but has hardly been updated in form or function – apart from the introduction of the ribbon menu two generations ago.

Twitter user @WalkingCat (via The Verge) has stumbled upon video tutorials of the new ‘Paint Preview’ app which showcase a redesigned, completely overhauled Paint app for Windows 10 that brings support for inking and 3D objects.

While the app includes all the familiar features of Paint, it also allows one to create 3D objects and annotate them freely. There are a bunch of markers and art tools to help users create objects, and brushes that can be used directly on 3D objects. There’s also stickers, and community tools for 3D content. The video shows the artist using a Surface Pen for creating 3D models and 2D images, thereby showcasing the support for pen and ink. Essentially, the new Paint app is not just a port to UWP, but a modern, new-age design tool that packs a punch from what we’ve seen.

Yesterday, Microsoft sent out invites for a special event in New York City later this month where new Surface devices are expected. The Paint app could be a showcase app at the event, or so we hope, as we can’t wait to get our hands on a revamped version of one of our favorite apps.