Microsoft Paint app introduces Dark Mode on Windows 11

Devesh Beri

Microsoft has finally introduced dark theme support for the Paint app to all Windows 11 users after it was announced last month. This was sighted on Twitter.

Adding a dark theme will likely be a welcome change for users who prefer a darker interface. The fact that the dark theme respects the Windows 11 theme settings and automatically adapts to the user’s system-wide dark mode is a nice touch, as it ensures seamless integration with the overall user interface.

Apart from this, several other features were also announced. The zoom controls in Paint have been upgraded to provide users with more flexibility and control over their canvas view. This includes finer granularity increments on the zoom slider, allowing for more precise zooming. Users can also set a custom zoom value for greater accuracy.

A new “fit to screen” option has been introduced. This feature optimizes the zoom level to match the size of the Paint window, making it easier for users to adjust their canvas view quickly.

The company has also improved access key and keyboard shortcut support, aiming to enhance the accessibility and productivity of users who prefer using keyboard shortcuts.

Users interested in these updates should watch for an update to their Paint app with version number 11.2304.30.0. However, it’s important to note that the rollout is phased, so it might take some time before everyone receives the update.

via XDA-Developers