Microsoft opens Invitation Preview of GigJam work-sharing app

It's been quite some time since Microsoft shared some news about GigJam, a new product coming to Office 365 later this year that "helps break down barriers between devices, apps and people." Microsoft first introduced GigJam last summer during Worldwide Partner Conference, but the tool had so far been limited to a private preview. However, Microsoft just announced today on the Office Blog that the private preview is being expanded to the "GigJam Invitation Preview," which means GigJam is now available to everyone who already signed up for early access on the dedicated website.

If you're not familiar with GigJam, Microsoft describes it as an easy way to share momentarily some bits of your work with others to get some feedback, while letting you avoid giving your recipients full access to sensitive information included in your customer emails, legal contracts, or Salesforce orders:

GigJam helps you spontaneously and momentarily involve others in your work. You just summon all the live information you need, divvy it up by circling what you want to share and crossing out what you don’t and control what others can see or even co-work with you in real time. Now you can finally involve others inside and outside your organization to help you get work done in the moment.

To have a clearer understanding on how GigJam could help you change the way you work, Microsoft has also shared a set of three videos showing different use cases. The first video below shows you how to get instant help and closure on a customer email:

In the second video, learn how you can get spot feedback on a work in progress:

Last, the third video explains how to safely get a partner’s input:

The Invitation Preview for GigJam is available today for Windows and Mac OS X. If you’ve already registered, look for an email inviting you to download GigJam and start using it with anyone (even those without an invite). If you haven't signed up yet, visit the dedicated website to get your invitation. Last, the Office team is revealing today that an iOS preview is coming soon while the general availability of GigJam as part of Office 365 is expected later this year.

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