Microsoft's 'flagship' store coming to 5th Avenue, New York City this fall

Microsoft is opening a new store this fall at 5th Avenue, New York City

Back in September 2014, Microsoft confirmed with the Wall Street Journal that they were building their "first flagship store" at 677 Fifth Avenue in New York City, after numerous rumors back in August 2014. Although over 100 stores were opened in the US and Canada, this store seems to be special. According to David Porter, the corporate vice president for Microsoft's retail stores, 

"As our first flagship store, it will serve as the centerpiece of our Microsoft Stores experience. This is a goal we've had since day one—we were only waiting for the right location. And now we have it." 

But now Microsoft is being more specific in the timeframe of the launch of its new store. The construction site now has a label saying "Microsoft Store Coming Fall 2015." There's also a really neat Microsoft logo on the construction site, whereas previously it was just solid green. 

The new Microsoft store will be several stories high, with one floor being an "experimental space" for customers to come see. The store isn't far from the Apple "glass cube", and is located on the same street. We'll let you know when we know more when we have more information. Be sure to bookmark WinBeta so you have easy access to the latest news on Microsoft and Windows. 

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