Microsoft officially announces the new Bing image search experience we saw earlier

Microsoft officially announces the new bing image search experience we saw earlier

During the last WinBeta Podcast, our special guest Jamil Valliani from the Bing team gave us an early look at an exciting new Bing feature that makes it a lot easier for users to search for the images they’re looking for. Today, Microsoft is officially announcing its refined Bing image search.

Starting today, users on mobile devices can navigate to and start using the new image search experience that intelligently suggest refinements to image searches. So for example, doing a search for “roses” will result in refinement bubbles for “pink”, “blue”, “white”, and other different colors of roses that a user might be looking for.

It’s a simple new addition, but it certainly makes it a lot faster to get to the right image without having to think about, or pull out the keyboard and refine the search term. The new ‘bubbles’ feature is available now on all of Bing’s English language markets accessed via mobile browsers on Android or iPhone devices. Windows Phone users, trying to access Bing via Internet Explorer Mobile will result in Cortana taking over the search, so we expect the feature to find its way into the Cortana UI in the near future. 

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