Microsoft Office Lens app updated on Android, picks up ability to scan multiple documents

Office Lens Android
Email Twitter: @MiCottuli Aug 22nd, 2017 inNews

Microsoft Office Lens has gotten an update, for Android users. Offering the app’s “top requested feature,” this update brings along the ability to scan multiple images at one time – saving a ton of hassle when you have a huge pile of documents you need to make digital.

Here’s the changelog:

Scan multiple images
Our top requested feature is here. Scan more than one image and save them all as single PDF, a Word or PowerPoint file on OneDrive, or simply export them as images to the same OneNote location.
Get more from Office Lens
Create a free account to unlock premium features such as free 5 GB OneDrive storage, text extraction from image (OCR) and the ability to save in multiple file formats.

Short, simple, and to the point. This update mostly exists as a way to get that multi-image scanning feature in there, and frequent users are going to be happy about it.

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