Microsoft now hiring for HoloLens -
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Microsoft now hiring for HoloLens

Microsoft now hiring for HoloLens

After its headline-grabbing reveal a few months ago, Microsoft has been quite quiet in regards to HoloLens, its virtual reality headset. That all changed today with Microsoft promoting 106 job openings for HoloLens development and production ranging from software engineers and lab managers to program and social media managers via a posting on the @HoloLens Twitter account.

Here’s what Microsoft has to say for those interested; “Are you passionate about trailblazing new experiences and empowering people across the globe? Do you want to be one of the first pioneers to usher in the next evolution in computing on Microsoft's new holographic platform? We're looking for seasoned veterans to join our team and drive game-changing software in entertainment, productivity, and tools for consumer, enterprise, and commercial experiences.”

The initial HoloLens presentation and hands-on experiences have excited many though a common concern is the difficulty Microsoft will face in getting companies to develop programs for the device and market it to a mainstream audience.

WinBeta’s Kip Kniskern got to try Microsoft’s HoloLens back in January and noted its similarities to Kinect and how HoloLens will really have to deliver to the consumer in order to be a success.

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