Microsoft might let Windows Phone developers respond to app reviews

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Microsoft might let windows phone developers respond to app reviews

As a Windows Phone developer, it is quite frustrating when you see reviews on your apps and you are unable to respond directly to them. Take for instance our WinBeta app for Windows Phone 8. There are some reviews that need direct attention and we are unable to provide that attention. This may change soon.

Microsoft currently has a procedure set in place that allows anyone to report a Windows Phone app to Microsoft. For example, this feature comes in handy when you see a spam app or an app that is of concern. While reporting the app to Microsoft, you are given options. Some of the options include "offensive content" and "misleading app." One of the options has been revealed to be "inappropriate developer response to my review." What exactly does this mean?

This could mean that Microsoft might be allowing Windows Phone developers to respond directly to reviews. It seems that Microsoft may have jumped the gun on this feature, as the company has yet to make an official announcement regarding the matter. 

Microsoft might let windows phone developers respond to app reviews

We are sure that this feature will be welcomed by Windows Phone app developers, as it allows them to be in direct contact with those who review their apps. This can also help app developers address specific app concerns and potentially boost their app ratings as a result. 

Take for example the reviews to our WinBeta app for Windows Phone 8. Some users have given us a poor rating, citing an issue with the app. If we were able to, we would respond directly to them letting them know the bug would be fixed in an upcoming update, or if it has already been fixed and to give the app a second try - potentially improving our app rating in the process.

As an app developer, would you like to see this feature come to light?

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