Microsoft to let consumers choose between Windows Phone and Android?

Windows Phone and Android

It’s widely known that Windows Phone isn’t catching on in some parts of the world. Sure, it’s doing well in a number of different European markets, but in the US, things could be better. Microsoft is aware of this problem and according to some internal sources, have been looking at different, unconventional way of combating this issue.

According to The Information, Microsoft may be planning to let users pick between Windows Phone and Android on its devices. Of course, the reality of this idea is rather flawed, technologically at least. OEM’s would have a difficult time making the hardware in which both OS’s could run on. Matching Windows Phone requirements with Android phones could help combat this problem however.

A dual-boot solution may help Microsoft in growing the Windows Phone market share, as Android is currently the number one used mobile operating system in the world. The question is, would you consider a dual-boot device with both Android and Windows Phone? What would you consider using it for? Leave us your thoughts below!

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