Microsoft lays off 2,100 employees in its second phase of job cuts


Earlier this week, a report suggested Microsoft will lay off more people on September 18th as a part of the massive job cuts the company announced in July. Recently, Microsoft confirmed it's going to lay off 2,100 people globally, and have started notifying the employees who are no longer a part of the software giant.

Out of 2,100, 747 jobs are being cut from the Washington state, while the remaining lay offs will be from other regions. The Nokia acquisition brought 25,000 employees to the company's payroll, and as with every other takeover, the lay offs were imminent. Microsoft announced in July that it will let go of 18,000 employees over the course of the year, out which 12,500 were from Nokia's division.

At the time of the announcement, the software giant laid of 13,000 employees across the globe, and with the completion of the second phase, there are 2,900 more employees who will bid there farewell to the company in the next few months, possibly by July 2015. The job cuts will be from a number of teams, but there's no word which team is affected the most.

After today's job cuts, Microsoft still has over 100,000 employees in its workforce, which will go down as the time goes by.

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