Microsoft launches Discord rival, introduces Microsoft Teams Play Together

Devesh Beri

The introduction of the Microsoft Teams Play Together widget on Windows is here. This widget is designed to integrate Microsoft Teams into the gaming experience, allowing users to connect with their friends while gaming through features like screen sharing and video/voice chat.

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Earlier this month, Discord announced its upcoming Xbox game streaming feature. It’d be interesting to see if the fans stick to well establish Dicord or move to the new Microsoft Teams Play Together, which might give more seamless integration.

The widget is available through the Microsoft Store and is compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10 (version 17763.0 or higher). Users can sign in with their Microsoft Account and utilize features like screen sharing during gameplay, video/voice chat, and generating links to invite more friends to join the call.

The Xbox Game Bar overlay, accessible using the Windows Key + G shortcut, allows users to overlay their friends’ video feeds on top of their game screen. This can enable a social gaming experience.

Up to 20 friends can join the call simultaneously, and the chat can be continued even after the gaming session has ended.

This move can be seen as Microsoft’s attempt to tap into the growing trend of social gaming and virtual hangouts, where players play games, socialize, and interact with their friends. By allowing gamers to screen share their gameplay and have video calls within the Game Bar overlay, Microsoft is enhancing the social aspect of gaming on Windows platforms.

via MSPowerUser