Microsoft’s new Bing Wallpaper app brings Bing’s daily image right to your Windows desktop, everyday

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft today launched a new Bing Wallpaper app. Long requested by many Microsoft fans, the app makes it possible to set the Bing homepage image as your desktop wallpaper on Windows.

The lightweight app is pretty straight forward and simple. Once downloaded and launched, it automatically will change your desktop background to the same wallpaper seen on the Bing search engine each day. Typically, that includes images from around the world, be it animals, landmarks, landscapes, plants and more.

Users can also toggle between the images and switch through the various Bing homepage wallpapers from throughout the week. This can be done by right-clicking in the taskbar and hitting the left and right arrow keys.

Interestingly, the app also offers an option to set Bing as your homepage and as the default search engine in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome. This part is completely optional, however.

Do you think you’ll be downloading the Bing Wallpaper app to give your desktop a fresh coat of paint each day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.