Microsoft: Kinect for Xbox One can turn off, we’re not spying on you

Kinect for Xbox One

With the recent unveiling of the Xbox One console, many have had questions regarding the compulsory Kinect hardware used to make the Xbox One console function. Today, a Microsoft representative has said that Kinect for Xbox One can be turned off, so don’t worry, Microsoft probably won’t be spying on you.

The Xbox One system can be turned completely off, meaning it won’t react to voice commands in it’s complete off state. Of course, the average user will not use this power state, as having the voice commands would be useful and convenient.

Kinect will also power itself off automatically when it isn’t needed, for example when playing a game that doesn’t need the Kinect accessory. We assume this means powering off the camera while keeping voice commands open. Microsoft says it will speak more about how Kinect works with Xbox One in the near future.

It’s an obvious worry for consumers having a camera logged into Microsoft’s servers at all times, especially since the Kinects new camera can see in the dark, read heart rates, and identify who you are almost instantly whether its visually or with sound. It’s scary. But don’t worry, when it wants to it will turn off.

Users will be able to adjust how Kinect works in their homes. “”We are designing the new Kinect with simple, easy methods to customize privacy settings, provide clear notifications and meaningful privacy choices for how data will be used, stored and shared,” said Microsoft.

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