Microsoft invests $100 million in Uber during the latest round of financing

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Microsoft invests 00 million in uber during the latest round of financing

The technology world is a constantly changing landscape of partnerships and patent disputes. Most recently, Bloomberg claims Microsoft has invested $100 million in Uber -- the app based taxi service. While Uber has had its fair share of trouble and conflict, the investment from Microsoft will most likely be a symbiotic relationship. Microsoft wants first party support on their platforms and unique integration into their services like Cortana, and Uber wants extra capital to advance their business.

Allegedly, the deal has been signed and lines up with Uber’s latest round of financing which totals around one billion dollars. This deal comes on the heals of Microsoft selling its mapping assets to Uber involving photo gathering and data processing. Windows 10 introduced Cortana to a huge number of potential Uber customers and Microsoft has previously shown how the two services can work together. Hopefully Bing maps will continue to benefit from the Uber partnership and be updated with more street level imaging. 

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