Microsoft introduces new dark mode in Sticky Notes 3.1, fails

Microsoft’s Sticky Notes app for Windows 10 is getting another fresh coat of paint today. The new version 3.1, which has started rolling out to Skip Ahead Insiders brings what the team calls a “full-on Dark Mode.” When you choose that mode, the app will now use a dark grey background color in the home hub for your notes, similar to the new dark colour that recently appeared in the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps.

While the new dark theme looks nice at first sight, there is definitely a problem with the blue colour that the app uses when you enable "Insights" in settings. This makes urls and dates actionable in the app, but it's quite a big problem when simple words like "today" or "tomorrow" become almost unreadable because of a dark blue color. Turning off Insights immediately solves the problem, but you can see why the problem in the feature image above.

In addition to the new Dark Mode, Sticky Notes 3.1 also syncs your notes in the cloud even faster, and this should also apply to the new syncing feature with the OneNote app on iOS and Android. That's pretty nice, but we hope Microsoft will fix the new Dark Mode before rolling out to all Windows 10 users.

Update: The team said today that's it's aware of the issue with blue links in Dark mode, and a fix will be released before the public rollout of Sticky Notes 3.1

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