Microsoft introduces Bing for Commerce - intelligent search for retail websites -
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Microsoft introduces Bing for Commerce - intelligent search for retail websites

Microsoft is set to announced new tools for retail companies next week at the National Retail Federation in New York. Today, the company has introduced two solutions to help retailers online: Bing for Commerce, and Microsoft PromoteIQ.

Bing for Commerce is a search solution that retailers can use to power their websites, giving shoppers “intelligent search, personalization and product recommendation solution that helps gives retailers the power to meet today’s shopper expectations and grow revenue,” according to the announcement blog post. It’s powered by the tech giant’s search engine and Microsoft AI to tailer the search results.

In addition to Bing for Commerce, the company has also announced Microsoft PromoteIQ. Having initially acquiring the brand back in August 2019, PromoteIQ is a marketing platform that allows retailers to insert relevant ads to their homepages for boosting revenue from various brands, with full integration with Microsoft Advertising. The company is expected to show samples during the retail event next week.

Microsoft has also introduced other new features recently that retail companies can take advantage of. Teams is getting a walkie talkie feature for communication among employees, and the company also recently announced Dynamics 365 Commerce for inventory management, scheduling, and other operations.

What do you think about these new tools for retailers? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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