Microsoft improves touch Narrator in Windows 8 to make interactions even easier

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Jul 18th, 2012 inNews

In an official Bulding Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft details the changes they have made to the Narrator and how it now makes interactions even easier than before. Most importantly, Microsoft has improved the touch Narrator for those on touchscreens.

Microsoft has now made it easier to interact with the touch Narrator, based on feedback given from the community. The touch Narrator in Windows 8 now has a simpler gesture model that is easier to remember and the system is now more forgiving. According to Microsoft, the single-finger taps and flicks now carry out a majority of the common tasks in Narrator. Microsoft revised the interaction model to perform easier and it also groups gestures more logically. Head over to the source link for a details explanation of the changes in touch Narrator and take a look below for all the new touch gestures.

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