Microsoft highlights two schools who have made the switch to Surface RT and Surface Pro

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Microsoft highlights two schools who have made the switch to surface rt and surface pro

Microsoft has uploaded two new videos to the official Surface YouTube page and in the videos we are introduced to two schools that have made the switch to Microsoft's Surface RT and Surface Pro. Both schools have utilized Microsoft's tablet, along with other Microsoft services, to improve the educational experience for students.

In the first video, we are introduced to Williston Northampton School, which has selected the Surface Pro for its students. In the second video, we are introduced to St. Patrick's College, which has selected the Surface RT for a diverse population of students.

The Williston Northampton School, located in Massachusetts, consists of 80 Middle School students and 450 Upper School students. The school wanted a tablet that was ideal for education and decided to go with the Surface Pro. "We want to teach our students to be creators of content," Andrew Shelffo, the school's CIO, stated in the video. "We know the iPad wasn't going to be a good device for us," Shelffo added. Combined with the Surface Pro tablet, along with other Microsoft products such as Office and SkyDrive, the school was able to achieve their vision. We've embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.

St. Patrick's College, on the other hand, has been offering a Surface device as an incentive to all second year students. Located in London, the school consists of a diverse population of students, with the majority of them from disadvantaged backgrounds. These students are provided with life transformation opportunities through industry-standard vocational coursework and cutting-edge technology devices and skills. With the Surface RT, the students are able to utilize Office 2013 and learn the necessary technology skills to succeed in the workplace.

These aren't the only schools to jump on board Microsoft's Surface tablet. In fact, schools such as the Supreme Education Council of Qatar, Tuckahoe School District in New York, St. Thomas School and the Puyallup School District in Washington, Fursund Skole in Denmark, and St Mary’s College in Northern Ireland have all begun to utilize the Surface. "We believe the reason Surface has been chosen by so many schools is that it enables educators and students to teach and learn in new ways. Allowing them to be more productive, more mobile and deliver real outcomes," Microsoft explained in an official blog post today.

Check out the videos embedded below.

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