Microsoft highlights the best PC games for the Xbox Controller

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Using a gamepad with PC games has been a common practice for quite some time now. When it comes to PC gamers, a great many of them have decided to switch to using a controller of some kind to play some of their games. With the Xbox One's focus on tying together your console gaming with your PC gaming, it only makes sense that they would start to shine the spotlight on some of the games that best represent the marriage between the two platforms.
If you go to the home page of the Microsoft Store app and scroll down, you'll see that there's a new section: "Xbox Controller Central" (via Windows Central). The new category in the store shows off some of Microsoft's picks for the best PC games that are compatible with a controller.
Currently the library under the category is 21 strong, showing off titles like Halo: Spartan Strike, Project Spark, and Ilomilo Plus. We don't know yet if they are going to be adding some more more options to that list, but for now, it's a pretty solid selection for people with a controller who want to check out some of the Microsoft store's offerings.
If you haven't gone about trying to use a gamepad on PC, it's pretty simple. If you have an Xbox One controller, you can just plug it in using a MicroUSB cable, use an already-wired Xbox One controller,  or pick up the wireless adapter. If you have a PS3 or PS4 controller, you can also plug them in via MicroUSB, but you'll need to download DS3 or DS4 respectively, and they'll recognize your Playstation gamepad and make your computer recognize it as an Xbox controller that's ready to go. Xbox 360 controllers need a more specific cable, but you should be able to find those right here.

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