Microsoft highlights the benefits of Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11

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Microsoft highlights the benefits of enterprise mode for internet explorer 11

Build seems like it was an age ago, even though it was really very recent. There was a great deal of attention focused on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update, and it's easy to forget that there was other news as well. Microsoft is only too aware that these two stories dominated the headlines, and in a post on the Windows blog, the company highlights the value of Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11, another release announced at the developer conference.

As we know from the number of customers and businesses still using Windows XP, it is not always possible for every computer to be upgraded to the very latest version of Windows. This could be due to cost constraints, but it could also the case that there is a reliance on web apps that are only compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer. Enterprise Mode improves backward compatibility, meaning there is one less reason not to upgrade.

Microsoft recognizes that many companies and individuals have decided to stick with Internet Explorer 8. With Office 365 having been optimized for use with the latest version of Internet Explorer, some people are installing two web browsers -- one to deal with modern sites and apps, and another to handle the legacy side of things.

Companies who have held off upgrading to Surface Pros because of concerns about compatibility issues can look to Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 -- !a no-compromises web browser with modern standards and great backward compatibility."

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