Microsoft highlights Apple Watch and Android Wear apps: new Translator apps and more

Microsoft highlights apple watch and android wear apps: new translator apps and more

Earlier today we reported that Microsoft launched an Outlook app for Apple Watch and now it looks like they were just getting started on announcing new productivity apps for wearable devices.

The Office Team announced on their blog today that their new productivity apps aren’t limited to Outlook for Apple Watch as both multiple Apple Watch and Android Wear apps were announced. The list includes:

  • Outlook for Apple Watch – allowing you to get Watch notifications from your Focused Inbox, along with the ability to send quick pre-written replies, archive messages, delete messages, flag messages, or schedule them to appear later. You can also see unread emails and your next calendar appointment on the Glance screen.
  • Wunderlist for Apple Watch updated with Quick Add – you can now add to-do items to Wunderlist by activating the app with Force Touch and saying what you need to do. The example given was saying “Call the new clients tomorrow at 10 a.m.” will automatically become a to-do list with its own due date and reminder.
  • Yammer for Apple Watch - listed as coming soon, this new Apple Watch app will allow you to quickly view all of your Yammer updates and announcements to manage conversations and activities at a glance.
  • OneDrive for Android Wear – you can personalize your Android Wear watch with a rotation of photos uploaded to your OneDrive in the last 30 days, as well as view notifications on edits made to shared documents.
  • OneNote for Android Wear – the OneNote app now supports dictating new notes simply by saying “Ok Google, take a note”
  • Microsoft Translator for Apple Watch and Android Wear – This app now enables users to dictate into their Apple or Android wearable and instantly see a translation in 50 languages.

Today’s release of new apps for both Android Wear and Apple Watch show Microsoft is continuing its more open “mobile-first, cloud-first” strategy to be a provider of the strongest and most useful productivity tools regardless of which hardware you are using.

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