Microsoft has added some new key members to its HoloLens team

It looks like the HoloLens team is ramping up its game by hiring some key new people. Microsoft researcher Jamie Shotton has joined the HoloLens team after doing tons of work with AI and natural machine interaction. Shotton led a Microsoft group in researching Machine Intelligence and Perception before moving over to the HoloLens team, where he will be leading the Cambridge Computer Vision research team. It’s unclear what exactly that job entails, but bringing in Jamie’s talent is definitely going to be an asset. One of the biggest challenges that the HoloLens faces is making its interface seem natural – Shotton is going to bring a lot of insight into doing that properly.

Another big get for Microsoft is Mark Bolas – a name that a lot of people invested in virtual reality should know pretty well. Mark can be considered one of the biggest names in virtual reality, since he served as a mentor to the creators of the Oculus Rift and the VR shooter Raw Data. Mark left his job as a researcher at the University of Southern of Southern California to go work for Microsoft, and will be a part of the HoloLens team. It isn’t clear what role he will be playing in HoloLens, exactly, but a talent like Mark Bolas is likely going to be used quite heavily. It’s going to be exciting to see where Mark ends up, and how his presence is going to influence HoloLens in the future.

Seeing more big talent placed on the HoloLens roster is just another good sign for those who have been watching its development, especially when one of the new hires is as influential as Mark Bolas. While this news doesn’t directly have any impact on the future of HoloLens, it does do quite a bit to assure everyone that Microsoft’s holographic strategy is being well taken care of, and is starting to really kick itself into high gear. We’ll be watching closely to see how HoloLens evolves as a result.

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