Microsoft gives you six reasons why you should have a Microsoft Account

Microsoft Account

What exactly is a “Microsoft Account” you ask? Microsoft Account is the company’s identity service for those who use Microsoft products and services. The Account provides a user the ability to sign into their Windows 8 PC and use the same credentials to check their billing services for Xbox Live, Zune, and Windows Store.

In an official blog post today, Microsoft showcases six reasons as to why you should sign up for a Microsoft Account, if you haven’t already done so. Having a Microsoft account lets you sign into your Windows 8 PC, obtain free online storage, experience mobile entertainment, download apps from the Windows Store, utilize free music streaming, and the ability to connect devices and accounts seamlessly.

So what exactly are the six reasons to have a Microsoft Account? Users can sign in on up to five different PCs and see their personal Start Screen, settings, and install their apps from the Windows Store. You can also search the Windows Store to download apps as well as obtain 7GB of free online storage via SkyDrive. A Microsoft Account also allows for a universal address book as well as free streaming songs via Xbox Music. Oh and lets not forget the gaming aspect.

“Microsoft account is the key to great gaming. If you have multiple Microsoft accounts, use the one associated with your Xbox LIVE gamertag to sign in to your PC. Then launch the Games app to see what your gamer friends are up to, compare achievements, and see alerts when your friends invite you to play. The app also lets you discover and download new games of every genre,” Microsoft added.

Do you still need to sign up for a Microsoft Account? Head over to to register your account.

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