Microsoft gives an overview of what developers can expect after Nokia purchase

Microsoft gives an overview of what developers can expect after Nokia purchase

Earlier today Microsoft and Nokia concluded the months long journey towards the software giant’s purchase of the handset maker. During this time, there has been a lot of talk and speculation about what this would mean for almost every aspect of the companies and the Lumia line of Windows Phone.

Now Microsoft sets about the task of explaining things about what developers for the platform can expect. “As we bring the two teams together, we will double down on our commitment to developers”, states Microsoft's Steve Guggenheimer. “Today is the first step in our journey to bring together Nokia mobile devices with Microsoft software, devices and services to create new experiences that easily connect people to everything and everyone in their life”, he continues.

He then outlines three main points to explain the initial position:

  • Bring more hardware and software innovation to markets around the world, driving more consumer adoption and more growth for developers.
  • Provide better developer tools and services to help developers build great looking, high-performing apps for our expanded family of devices and services.
  • Offer developers opportunities to reach more people with their apps in emerging markets worldwide.   

This is just the first step to allaying fears and letting developers know that everything will be fine. A wise move, given that apps are what is needed to really have a successful mobile platform, and Microsoft is certainly in need of those apps.

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