Microsoft: Give us your iPad and we will give you $200 towards a Surface -
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Microsoft: Give us your iPad and we will give you $200 towards a Surface

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Microsoft is offering a $200 credit towards a Surface if you give them your old iPad, according to a new tweet sent out by Microsoft's official Microsoft Store Twitter account. "Bring your iPad 2, 3 or 4 to a Microsoft store & get a $200 gift card towards a @Surface," the tweet stated.

Give the recent price drops on the Surface RT and Surface Pro, $349 and $799 respectively, this deal is geared towards those who are looking to jump ship from their coveted iPad to Microsoft's iPad rival, the Surface. No idea on what Microsoft will do with the iPads that get turned in, but something tells us they may get smashed (just a guess).

"It pays to trade in your old iPad."

So if you are looking to turn in your iPad, whether it be the iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPad 4, simply head over to your local Microsoft Store and go snag your $200 credit towards a Surface purchase. This promotion isn't surprising as Microsoft has been on a massive campaign to downplay the iPad's features compared to the Surface, as evident in recent videos.

Microsoft has been dropping prices for the Surface RT and Surface Pro, along with its accessories, as of late. We learned recently that Microsoft had dropped the price of the Surface RT and Surface Pro by nearly $150. Microsoft also dropped the price of the Surface Touch Cover to $79. On top of that, Microsoft has also dropped the price of the Surface RT and black Touch Cover bundle by $50.

This promotion is part of Microsoft's Recycle for Rewards program and ends October 27th of this year. Typically, the Recycle for Rewards program allows people to trade in their old device for a gift card, whether it be an Xbox, tablet, smartphone, etc. The gift card amount varies by the value of the eligible trade-in.

This $200 promotion offers a minimum of $200 for an eligible iPad and the gift card can be used towards a Surface or any Microsoft Store product. After October 27th, the guaranteed minimum of $200 for an iPad will no longer be offered, rather, the 'industry standard trade-in value' of the device will be given.

The iPad has to include its power cord, if available, and device cannot be password protected in order to qualify for the promotion. Microsoft also offers services to wipe personal data from trade-in devices, at a cost. Limit one per customer.

Microsoft has reached out to us. This post has been updated with official promotion details.

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