Microsoft gifts the world’s first lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership

Lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership card

The Xbox One was released last week and it has had a very successful launch, selling over one million consoles worldwide in just the first 24 hours. The Xbox One fans who attended the several launch parties across the globe were very excited for the moment they’re been waiting for. 

But there was a very special occasion at the Xbox One launch in New York City. A die-hard Xbox fan named Ray Cox IV, whose username is “Stallion83” on Xbox Live, got a special gift from Microsoft. The special gift was a lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership.

Ray Cox was featured on the Spike TV Xbox One launch show with Major Nelson, also known as Larry Hryb, the Xbox Live director of programming. During the broadcast, Major Nelson, on behalf of Microsoft, gave Ray Cox a rare white Xbox One launch team console and a box which had the world’s first lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership card. The card came in 24k gold, according to Ray Cox IV’s Facebook page.

You’re probably wondering why Microsoft did this, right? Well, Ray Cox IV has the highest Xbox Live Gamerscore on the face of the Earth, and if you don’t believe us, it’s been confirmed by the Guinness company. Ray Cox has always believed that he can get to the one million mark, and with having about 953,000 Gamerscore points, he plans on achieving his goal with the new Xbox One games released.

In case you’re wondering how he was able to get all those Gamerscore points, well, he kind of had an advantage over others. He was able to get his hands on Xbox 360 games earlier than many US consumers, and once he saw the opportunity to get Gamerscore points from Xbox Live games on Windows Phone, he went for that too.

It’s nice to see Microsoft doing a thing like this to their fans. Microsoft’s public relation’s had a tough time after the initial Xbox One announcement during E3 and they’ve been working day and night to get what the fans want most. With this prize, Ray Cox was amazed by Microsoft and stated that it was the “best gift ever” he has ever received. 

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