Microsoft to focus on Cloud OS at upcoming cloud event on October 20th in San Francisco

Microsoft to hold a 'Cloud Event' on October 20th in San Francisco

Microsoft has sent out invitations to a cloud event taking place October 20th in San Francisco. The event takes place Monday, October 20th, and CEO Satya Nadella will be in attendance along with Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise, Scott Guthrie.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, "this event will focus on Microsoft’s Cloud OS and how it enables businesses to build, do, and make in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. News will be shared and you can expect to hear a good amount about Microsoft Azure, which is the foundation for the company’s cloud offering, along with what differentiates Microsoft’s approach to the cloud."

There will be a webcast of the event, and as usual, we here at WinBeta will be providing you with full coverage. We're curious to see what Microsoft has in store, especially on the cloud front. What are you expecting from Microsoft's event on the 20th? Sound off in the comments below.

Microsoft to hold a 'Cloud Event' on October 20th in San Francisco

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