Microsoft to end PDF Reader development, wants you to use Edge

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Microsoft’s Edge browser is marked as the default PDF reader by default on any Windows 10 PC or Tablet. As per our friends at Windows Central, though, Microsoft now appears to be making a similar push on Windows 10 Mobile and is ending PDF Reader development for mobile.

The PRF Reader app

The PDF Reader app

As seen above, when opening a PDF within the app a message will pop up notifying the user that after July 1, 2016, the Reader app will no longer be supported on Windows 10 Mobile. The message also notifies the user that for a better reading view the PDF should be opened in Microsoft Edge.

So, if you’re someone who likes to use the PDF Reader app, you should get yourself acquainted with Microsoft Edge. Don’t be worried, though, as even if Edge is not to your liking there are plenty of third-party PDF viewers available on Windows 10 Mobile. To save you the trouble of searching through the store we have included a few download links below.

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader
Developer: ‪Adobe Inc.‬
Price: Code needed
PDF Reader - View, Edit, Annotate by Xodo
PDF Reader - View, Edit, Annotate by Xodo
Developer: ‪Xodo Technologies Inc.‬
Price: Free

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