Microsoft Edge 99 is now in the Stable Channel. Here’s what’s new.

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge version 99 is now rolling out to the Stable Channel on all supported desktop platforms. The last major stable build before the browser hits the version 100 milestone, there’s a couple of new features in the release, and we have a look at everything you need to know.

The biggest feature in this build is the ability to set a custom primary password to protect your saved passwords. Microsoft says this adds another layer of privacy to help prevent unauthorized users from using saved passwords to log into websites. Other than that, also new is the ability to navigate PDF documents using page thumbnails. This is so that you can better see where you are on a PDF, with the thumbnails showing on the pane on the left side of the PDF reader.

The final feature in this version 99 release is the ability to personalize multi-profile experiences with profile preferences for sites. The browser now lets you enjoy the ability to create a customized list of sites for automatic profile switching.

As always, Edge should automatically install this update. But if it’s not installing for you, there’s a way to force it. Just visit Edge’s settings menu, click Help and Feedback, choose About Microsoft Edge, and then wait for the browser to download an update. It should take less than 3 minutes.

With this being the final version 99 release, the upcoming stable version of Microsoft Edge will use a three-digit version number in the user agent string. This could end up causing compatibility issues on websites. Microsoft is ahead of this and wants website owners to try out the #force-major-version-to-100 experiment flag in edge://flags to ensure that sites work just fine.