Microsoft Edge Insider Canary now has a new flag to force dark mode for web contents

Arif Bacchus

If you’re a fan of all things dark mode, we have some good news for you. The latest Microsoft Edge Insider Canary build now has a new flag to force a dark mode for certain web content.

Although this feature has been present in Google’s Chromium web browser for quite a while, Microsoft has just now added the flag for the feature in Edge Canary version 80.0.317.1. As pointed out on Reddit, this flag doesn’t interfere with websites that use their own dark mode, or any extensions that apply dark mode to all websites. It works independent of both and allows you to force dark mode on any websites that support it.

You can find the flag by heading to Edge://Flags in the web browser, and searching for the Force Darl mode for all Web Contents option in the search bar. To enable it, you can then choose the enabled by default option from the list.