Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels now let users add text notes on PDF documents

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Microsoft Edge Insiders will now be able to add text notes in PDF files. In a recent blog post, the company noted that the feature is now generally available in the Edge Canary and Dev channels.

To use this feature, users simply need to highlight a section of the text within the document, right-click, and select the "Add comment" option. Then a sticky note-like note box will appear on the screen that allows them to type their comment and save it. Once the comment is saved, users will see a comment icon beside the highlighted text, which can be hovered to preview the full comment. There's also an option to edit/delete previously added comments.

Microsoft edge canary and dev channels now let users add text notes on pdf documents - onmsft. Com - november 17, 2020


Just as a reminder, the markup capabilities in Microsoft Edge were announced back in June 2020. The feature was available in the legacy version of the browser, and now the company plans to bring it to the new Edge. This is a great option that would certainly come in handy to users who want to provide quick analysis on lengthy documents.

At the moment, the text comment tool is only available in the experimental Canary and Dev builds of Edge, and the company is seeking user feedback to improve it in future releases. If you want to provide your input, navigate to “…” menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback.

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