Microsoft Edge Beta updated on iOS with new hub design, developer options menu, and more

Microsoft late tonight released a new beta update for their Edge browser on iOS, and it delivers a new design for the Hub, a new developer options menu, and more surprises. The version 42.1.0 update should be showing up for download now in Test Flight, and here's what you need to know.

According to the changelog, new in this beta update is the ability for iPad users to press the Command key on their attached keyboard to see shortcuts. Users should also now see that the icons for the Favorites, Reading List, Books, and History in the Hub have moved from the top of the screen to the bottom. This relocation makes the icons bigger and puts more emphasis on discoverability.

Though there is also the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, we noticed several other features not mentioned in the changelog. For one, this beta update tweaks the UI by moving the Continue on PC button from the middle bottom side of the screen to the top right-hand side near the address bar. This means that a new home button is now in the place of Continue on PC on the bottom right. For now, this button just takes users back to the new tab page, and not a homepage.

See these in action below.

Microsoft Edge Beta updated on iOS with new hub design, developer options menu, and more - - May 18, 2018

Final of the new changes we noticed in this update is a new settings menu for developers. Pressing on this will give access to a subset of options, including pull to refresh, feedback form, show theme setting, and disable or enable Timeline activity settings.

As usual, we’re hoping some of these same features will get to Android soon. For now, though, you can expect for Microsoft to release this update to standard Edge on iOS users first. Best to keep tuned for more in the days ahead, and feel free to let us know your thoughts on this update by dropping us a comment below.

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