Microsoft discounts all Surface Pro 3 models by at least $100, for a limited time


The Surface Pro 3 impressed us last year, offering a pretty sweet combination of power and portability in a slick design package. You, the pubic, seemed to agree, with sales of Microsoft’s pint-sized powerhouse driving Surface revenues to record levels.

Now, with a rumored Surface Pro 4 on the way, Microsoft has begun to cut prices across the Surface Pro range. The 128GB Core i5 model is now $899 (formerly $999), the 256GB Core i5 is now $1,149 (formerly $1,299), the 256GB Core i7 is now $1,399 (formerly $1,549) and the 512GB Core i7 is now $1,799 (formerly $1,949).

There’s no word on how long this discount will last, so grab one while you can. As a PC, as a tablet, as a Windows 10 machine, the Surface Pro 3 is versatile and highly desirable. As a refresh to the series comes closer and closer to being a hard reality, there will likely be more discounts in this vein, it is most likely that they will not be any deeper though.

Head to the Microsoft Store to make a purchase.

Will you be picking up a Surface Pro 3? Have you already got one? Let us know in the comments below.

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