Microsoft details it's Xbox LIVE intergration with Windows 8

Today, Microsoft talked about Xbox LIVE integration with it's upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone device. Xbox LIVE on Windows 8 will bring similar experiences with the Xbox 360 to the desktop PC while trying to maintain it's advanced gamers.

The company are aiming to keep the Xbox LIVE experience similar to what it currently is, the Xbox 360 will be receiving a dashboard update later this year which will bring the metro type user interface to the Xbox, which of course will work seamlessly on Windows 8.

Microsoft demoed how Xbox LIVE will work on Windows 8, with achievements and leaderboards.

The biggest feature about the intergration is that Microsoft is brining Async to Windows 8. Async allows users to play with others on either a Desktop PC running Windows 8, Xbox 360 or Windows Phone. Async will introduce a new way to play with friends on any of your favourite games.

Microsoft also talked about pirating games, they announced new ways in tackling piracy. Pirated games will not be able to connect to LIVE, unlock achievements or use leaderboard's, it will completely disallow the user to use any Xbox LIVE service.

Xbox LIVE integration with Windows 8 will bring users to a whole new gaming experience, where your favourite games can be played on either your PC or your Xbox 360.

Microsoft announced that the current subscriber count to Xbox LIVE is 35 million, with over 176 trillion gamerscore collected all together.

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