Microsoft details its new SkyDrive app for Xbox One

Xbox One SkyDrive

Xbox One is set to launch in just a couple of weeks now, and Microsoft has been upping the hype by talking about some of the apps you can expect to see on Xbox One when it launches on November 22nd. One of those apps will be SkyDrive, the ultimate all in one app which lets you keep your files with you no matter what.

SkyDrive for Xbox One will allow you to see your photos and videos which are stored on your SkyDrive cloud, providing a "seamless, beautiful experience for you to kick back and enjoy photos and videos in your own personal collection, or those shared with you."

What's more, the app plays nicely with other in-built Xbox One features. Meaning you can play music from your SkyDrive alongside slideshows, and even use Kinect to control the entire app.

The app will also be able to snap alongside other apps, and can even be used via the 'OneGuide', which offers a convenient way to access multiple things on your Xbox One.

Check out the video beow for a hands on demonstration of the new SkyDrive app for Xbox One, coming November 22nd.

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