Microsoft demos vocal translator that uses your own voice

At TechFest 2012, Microsoft has today revealed a new piece of software that the company has been working on. The software can translate multilingual vocal translations using your own voice in real time. The software can currently handle 26 languages, and takes around an hour to train.

Microsoft demos vocal translator that uses your own voice - - March 12, 2012

Shown by the Microsoft Research team, this piece of software can translate different languages with your own voice. It can currently translate 26 different languages.

The software takes about an hour to train, so it isn't instantly setup. Once the software has learnt your voice, it will be ready to translate for you, in your own voice!

Not only that, it can also take 3D photos of you and animate your lips to make it look like your saying it. Which should help if you have trouble pronouncing words from other languages.

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