Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s new book, “Hit Refresh,” to be published in fall of 2017

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Taking a page from the original founder and CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella is working on a new book titled “Hit Refresh.” Set to be published by Harper Business, also known as HarperCollins Publishers, Nadella’s book is set to come out in Fall 2017. Harper Business is often known for releasing publications of influential leaders and business owners, so it isn’t a surprise that Microsoft’s CEO is added to the list.

According to the Harper Collins press release, Nadella claims that the book isn’t a success story, but rather it’s about change.

“It is not a ‘how to succeed’ book, nor is it a memoir—it’s premature for that. Ultimately, I am writing for Microsoft team members, customers, and partners in hopes that these stories of transformation will be useful to them as they navigate their own path.”

The title will be focusing on the need for organizations, societies, and people to reform the way they search for new energy and ideas, hitting fresh for a complete renewal of innovation that will take us further than we ever thought possible. “Hit Refresh” will feature three different sections: the personal journey of Satya Nadella and his own transformation for renewal, the changes that he has made through becoming the CEO of Microsoft, and the future expectations of intelligent machines in our everyday lives. While technology continues to expand, the author feels that the qualities that make humans unique will become more valuable in the future.

Ever since Nadella took up the mantle of being CEO of Microsoft in February 4, 2014, he has to lead the company towards global leadership through technological advances and public services. Staying true to his motivational outreach, Satya Nadella’s proceeds from the book are being donated to Microsoft Philanthropies to provide better nonprofit initiatives, more specifically those on the public cloud for public good projects.

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