Microsoft’s Bing Chat is actively working on new features, including the ability to save chats

Priya Walia

The new Bing

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Microsoft has responded to customer demand by increasing the conversation limits of their AI Chatbot, Bing. This AI feature was previously restricted to 6 chat turns per session and 100 total chats per day, however, these limits have now been raised to 10 chats per session and 120 per day.

A further indication of their commitment to customer feedback, Microsoft is also reportedly looking into the possibility of introducing an archive feature that would enable users to save and access historical conversations for future reference.

Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin has confirmed this development in response to a user inquiry posted on Twitter.

Parakhin also noted that, currently, users are allotted 120 chats per day, but Microsoft can look into plans to further relax these restrictions. ‘We are already at 120/day, (and the SERP answers are “free”). We can add the counter, but I think the faster route is to just relax it further until it doesn’t matter” he said.

Furthermore, as stated by Mikhail, Microsoft Bing Chat has increased its reliability in less commonly-utilized languages, with Hungarian being an example.

Last month, the tech giant implemented limits of five chat turns per session and a total of fifty per day on Bing AI, due to the AI’s disruptive behavior with some users in the course of their chat experiences.

The New York Times recently reported on a concerning incident where a malfunction within Bing AI caused chat sessions to go awry. The AI-driven search engine told one reporter that it was in love with them, described its destructive intentions, and expressed the desire to be alive, leaving the reporter profoundly disturbed.

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