Microsoft Band 2 goes on sale in the UK, £50 off at £149.99

Email Twitter: @vulovestech Apr 28th, 2016 inNews

Microsoft UK is running yet another discount for the Microsoft Band 2, and it’s the usual £50 off, reports Windows Central.

band discount uk

The discounts bring the Microsoft Band 2 from its usual price £199.99 down to £149.99. This makes it cheaper than many other big-brand smartwatches that do not even offer the same measurement capabilities (the Band 2 contains a whooping 11 sensors after all). Given that it also works cross-platform, the new price is a very nice deal for active mobile users, or one who simply wants something smarter than a fitness band but not as complicated as a smartwatch. The offer will run till June 30, leaving you with plenty of time to mull it over.

The Microsoft Band 2 is the second generation in Microsoft’s fitness-focused wearable device. Sporting an iterative design that’s much more comfortable and sleek, even more sensors for measuring your gains in a wide range of activities, and a better display, the Band 2 is an all-around improvement from the previous generation and is a worthy contender in the wearable space. Read up on our other takes on the Band 2, and stay tuned for more exciting news regarding Microsoft and wearables in the future.

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