Microsoft apparently testing Pebble notifications support for Windows Phone

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Microsoft apparently testing Pebble notifications support for Windows Phone

Pebble is possibly one of the best, and budget-friendly, smartwatches available in the market right now -- starts at $99. The smartwatch has dedicated apps for both iOS and Android, with Windows Phone no where to be found -- not surprising at all. However, it appears things may change in the near future as Microsoft is apparently testing Pebble Notifications support for Windows Phones handsets. Recently, an app called Pebble Notifications was spotted in the Windows Phone store which appears to be an internal test build for Microsoft's operating system.

The app description further clear things up about the app being a test application, with a link to Yammer for further details -- which by the way is not accessible. You can try your luck, but it's an internal app so you cannot download it on your device. 

The app description reads, 

Pebble application for Windows Phone. This is an internal test application to get feedback on Accessory Ecosystem Support feature in WP Blue GDR1. Fore mode details refer to

By looking at the screenshots accompanying the app, it seems users will be able to customize the notifications they want to receive on their smartwatch from different apps, provided that Microsoft decides to launch it for the general public. And, there's no confirmation if Microsoft plans to offer it for Windows Phone users at the moment. The app was also updated lately, so we cannot just disregard the possibility that it may end up in the Windows Phone store -- but we wouldn't suggest keeping your hopes too high. We'll update you if this app is officially released for normal users.

Microsoft should aim on platforms like Pebble and make sure that Windows Phone is among the list of support platforms as this would help the software giant lure potential buyers for their devices, don't you think?  

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