Microsoft looking to add ability to control Teams calls with Bluetooth headsets

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Teams

On the roadmap to Microsoft 365 platform, Microsoft announced that it is set to add a new feature to Microsoft Teams, dubbed Call control with Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones (ID 84309).

Microsoft describes the new feature in detail:

Use device buttons to control call (answer, end, hold) from Bluetooth audio devices without needing a USB dongle when connected to a Windows PC running Teams desktop client. For many headsets and speakerphones, this will work without requiring any user action to enable other than pairing the headset or speakerphone with the PC. Watch our certification page for additional information coming soon about devices tested to meet all certification criteria with native Bluetooth connections (w/o a USB dongle).

Already, Microsoft had special Teams certified devices and accessories that can do this, therefore, this is a new addition to their collection.

microsoft modern usb-c speaker

The new feature will provide an easy way for users to handle calls whenever they are on Teams without as opposed to when they had to fully depend on the keyboard and mouse. Users will be able to make these controls via Bluetooth headsets.

The feature should be available for use in March. Microsoft has also indicated that the feature will be compatible with most devices.